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About Us

     Academy of Dance Arts opened it's doors in 2009 under the Director/Owner Kimberly Ann Kane.  ADA is dedicated to providing a memorable dance experience for children of all ages and levels.  ADA offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes and has both recreation as well as competition programs.

     Kim has been dancing since the age of 2 ½. By age 11, she realized that this was no longer a hobby, but her passion.


     After high school, Kim furthered her dance education by attending master classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Upon completing her dance training, she began teaching at local dance studios.


     Kim’s dances have been recognized nationally and have received numerous high-scoring awards. Her performance venues have included Patriot Stadium, Atlantic City, Carnival Cruise Ship, Disney World and many more.


     Kim’s love for dance has inspired her to open a dance studio of her own.



     Our goal is to enhance students of all ages with quality instruction for a lifetime of dance. We welcome all types of dancers, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. We are offering ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary/modern, musical theater, hip-hop, and zumba all taught by our professionally-trained staff.


     Classes are specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of various age groups.  Beginner students are taught the fundamentals of dance and movement, while intermediate and advanced students work towards muscle toning, strength, and poise.  Classes are offered in many disciplines of dance and always focus on the enjoyment as well as improvement of each pupil.  Competition classes are offered for those students who demonstrate the physical abilities, personality, confidence and most importantly the dedication to become a serious dancer.

     Our goal at Academy of Dance Arts is not only to introduce and enforce proper technique training in all disciplines of dance, but also to encourage students of all ages to become more confident in themselves and their ability to perform learned dance technique.

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