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Rules & Regulations



1.  No gum in the building.  Only water will be permitted anywhere in the studio.  Due to the messes left behind in previous years, we are unable to allow dancers to eat in the facility.   

2.  Students may bring a water bottle into the dance room but will only be allowed to use it when teacher permits a water break. 

3.  All belongings should be placed on the coat rack or assigned area– not in hallway.  ADA is not responsible for items left behind in the studio. Parents should write names in all articles of clothing, shoes, and tights.

4.  Dancers should always come to class prepared with proper attire and hair pulled back in pony tail or bun.

5.  Students must always be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  Do not leave your child unsupervised before class begins.  If parents should leave while class is in session, then they should return 5 minutes before class ends to pick them up.  ADA is in no way responsible for any unsupervised student that leaves the studio at any time.

6.  Children are not allowed in the studios when classes are not being conducted.

7.  Do not allow siblings to play in hallway or studios when classes are in session.

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