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Ballet/Tap 1     
Ages 3-4. This class emphasizes coordination skills through movement with music. It introduces the toddler to basic ballet and stretch movements through dance combinations to children's songs.

Ballet/Tap II
Ages 5-7. Combination ballet and tap classes teach the student coordination skills, rhythm, basic terminology, and the proper use of muscle development.


Classical ballet classes are for the student 7 and up. Beginner to advanced levels. The class concentrates on terminology and the placement of the body by working at the barre and in the center. The Intermediate and Advanced levels are highly recommended to take more than one class per week.


Ages 6 and up.  Technique, body placement, and flexibility set the basics for this class.  Students are taught turns, leaps, jumps and kicks.  Various combinations to pop and broadway music.

Ages 8 and up.
Rhythm, timing, and tap terminology are taught in every level, beginner through advanced. Training the feet for speed, clarity and precision.

Ages 7 and up. 
Contemporary dance incorporates jazz and ballet. This form of dance lets the student express their emotions while keeping the classical training.

A style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the epression of inner feeling.

Musical Theater
Ages 7 and up. Mime, acting, staging and dance movement in a theatrical experience

Hip Hop
Ages 9 and up. 
Street style dance with Jazz technique incorporated.  Fun and funky!  These classes don't require any previous dance training.





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